Information for Parents and Guardians

Having your child take lessons to learn to appreciate food is a proven way to enhance their learning ability and potential for future success. But, you may have concerns about your child’s online safety and we understand that.

Food n Things follows the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA) whose goal is to place you in control over what information is collected from your child online (For more information on COPPA go to the FTC website).

By the very nature of our site and the interactive video lessons we offer, parents or legal guardians of children under the age of 13 must provide consent for their children to use the site and its services. Our Child Privacy Policy explains what information we collect from your child, how it is used, your rights regarding that information, and how you can contact us. Also, take the time to read our overall “Privacy Policy”.

We recommend and encourage parents/guardians to monitor all lessons and any other online activities your child may engage in. It is also helpful to participate in the lesson with your child as needed and required by your instructor

Our platform is designed to be a fun, interactive live video learning experience. All of our instructors are pre-screened and we have built-in safety features intended to prevent behavior that is not consistent with our policies and values (For more information, see our Terms of Use/Code of Conduct). Video connections are randomly monitored to ensure both quality of instruction and compliance with behavior expectations. An additional feature is designed to immediately terminate the live connection between any members who engage in any such unacceptable behavior.

And, now in order for your child to participate in our fun, interactive, online experience, all you have to do is begin the registration process. Enter the basic information so we can send you the necessary consent forms to enroll your child. When entering the Date of Birth, you will need to enter your child’s date of birth.

*A note on how we obtain and verify parental consent: To comply with the federal COPPA regulations we must verify that a parent or legal guardian is signing the consent form that we will send to the email address you provide. To do this, we provide several approved methods for you to sign and return it to us. It is your choice as to which method you choose.

Print out our email consent form, here :

A parent or guardian should complete it, sign it, scan it and upload it directly on our platform, here :

OR you can mail it to:
LPS Enterprises, Inc. 1170 Tree Swallow Dr., Suite 333, Winter Springs, FL 32220, Attn. Privacy Officer.



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